Brahmrishi Yoga is inspired by Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawra (1934-2002), founder of the International Brahmrishi Mission. Swami Bawra was born in a small village of India near Varanasi. At the age of eighteen, he was awakened by a great yogi of the Himalayas, Bhagvan Chandra Mauli. Following this inspiration he studied a broad base of philosophical treatises while performing higher spiritual practices at the principal center of the Vaishnava Order in Ayodhya. After a period of time, his master insisted that he return to society and help humanity by teaching spiritual knowledge from his realizations.

Swami Bawra roamed India for 12 years, lecturing to large crowds and begging alms for food. At the request of his disciples, he agreed to establish a center for spiritual practice. The first center was inaugurated in 1965, and he first travelled to Europe in 1974. His mission developed international centers in Holland, England, Canada, South America, and the United States. Swami Bawra founded the building and development of numerous schools within India, which support a healthy lifestyle, rigorous training and knowledge. Among his disciples were many young women, whom he encouraged to earn advanced degrees and work within society. These nuns have become the heads of his world centers and mission schools.

Brahmrishi Yoga and Brahmrishi Yoga Teacher Training are rooted in Swami Bawra’s knowledge and realization. Knowledge and personal practice are emphasized. Swami Bawra encouraged the study of Kapil’s Samkhya philosophy, and this philosophy underlies our training. In twenty-two simple aphorisms, Kapil outlines how to free ourselves from suffering through discernment and conscious action.

Brahmrishi Yoga Publications offers compilations of Swami Bawra’s teachings in English. Titles include Kapil’s Samkhya Patanjali’s Yoga, The Eternal Soul, and Yoga in Action.